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A hole load of problems

At Hertford Dental Care, we recognise that it may not always be easy to approach life with a smile on your face for those who live with one or more missing teeth.

People often take their teeth for granted and don’t necessarily appreciate the strength, support, and structure they provide until it is lost.

Those who are missing teeth are not only subject to many cosmetic implications but are also at a far greater risk of developing dental and general health problems.

However, by seeking out dental implants in Hertfordshire from a trusted provider such as us here at Hertford Dental Care, we can reverse all of the effects of having an untreated space, and restore both the aesthetics and the functionality of your smile.

Why seek dental implants?

If someone loses a tooth, we always recommended that they choose dental implants to replace them. This is because it is a permanent solution that will protect all of the patient’s remaining teeth and restore the functionality and strength they have lost.

Many people often choose treatments such as dentures or bridges when they lose a tooth. While these treatments may be cheaper than dental implants, they often lead to problems as time goes on. Some of which include:

  • Pain caused by rubbing or fiction.
  • Their remaining teeth shifting out of place.
  • Embarrassment due to having to remove their dentures.
  • Difficulty eating.

Although it may be tempting to choose a cheaper alternative treatment for lost teeth such as dentures or bridges, by investing in dental implants in Hertfordshire from us here at Hertford Dental Care, you are investing in a future which holds none of the above!

How do Implants work?

The process of dental implants in Hertfordshire is unlike almost any other form of treatment for missing teeth.

Rather than merely solving the problem of missing teeth on a cosmetic level, implants address the issue structurally.

This is achieved by surgically embedding a titanium-alloy false tooth-root directly into the jawbone of a patient. Doing this means that the hole is filled with a tooth which not only looks identical to a natural one but can be used with the same vigour and intensity as a natural tooth would be!

What does treatment for dental implants involve?

The initial stage of receiving implant treatment through us here at Hertford Dental Care involves a simple, yet thorough examination of your dental health.

This informs practitioners about whether or not your gums and surrounding natural teeth are strong enough to withstand dental implant treatment. It also means that any signs of gum diseases can be identified and rectified before treatment can begin.

Following this – providing the patient is dentally eligible – the actual station will begin. This starts with a hole being surgically drilled into the patient’s jawbone, between the gap where the implant or implants will go. The practitioner then places the titanium-alloy socket into this hole before closing it up again to heal.

During the short time that follows, the socket and the bone tissue within the patient’s jaw fuse naturally. This results in the socket being permanently attached to the patient jaw as a natural tooth would be.

Finally, a denture is fixed to the newly embedded anchor-point. The treatment is completed – the patient can now begin enjoying all the luxuries of their new and improved smile.