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Dental implantsLooking after your teeth to help prevent tooth loss in the future

As a natural part of old age, the enamel in your teeth begins to wear away and your teeth become more sensitive, which can result in your teeth becoming more prone to damage and tooth decay, issues which if left untreated can eventually result in tooth loss. Tooth loss in adulthood or old age can be prevented by looking after your teeth from an early age. Making sure that you have an effective oral hygiene routine that you maintain throughout your life is key to good oral health and alongside good brushing and flossing techniques at home, it is important that you visit your dentist here at Hertford Dental Care on a regular basis. This should be at least once every 6 months if your teeth are strong and healthy, but more frequently if you are prone to dental issues, or have been diagnosed with problems with your teeth or gums.

The effects of tooth loss and the role of tooth replacement therapy

Having tooth loss is a difficult situation to find yourself in and by looking after your teeth from an early age you can help prevent such complications in the future. If, unfortunately, you have experienced tooth loss as a result of poor oral hygiene, lifestyle choices, illness, medication, or as a result of an accident that has caused trauma to your mouth, then speak to us at our practice and find out about the different treatment options which are available for you. Tooth replacement therapy works to restore the functioning of your mouth which may have been lost as a result of tooth loss, improve the aesthetics of your mouth and relieve you of the embarrassment or self-consciousness which you may be feeling as a result of losing your tooth or teeth. It can also promote better oral health by providing support to your surrounding teeth and prevent further damage or complications in the future.

Dental implants in the treatment of tooth loss

Dental implants Hertfordshire have proven a popular choice of treatment over the last few decades for tooth loss amongst dentists and patients alike.

Dental implants Hertfordshire are small titanium components which are designed to replace the missing root of your tooth. They work by being inserted directly into your jawbone and cause a process known as osseointegration which helps fuse the implant permanently into your jaw. Osseointegration takes several weeks to occur successfully and in this process new bone cells form around the dental implants Hertfordshire so that they become embedded in the bone, making it a permanent fixture of your mouth. Once your dentist is happy that the implant is successfully embedded in your jaw they will attach a small connector post to the implant which is known as an abutment. Then you are able to choose which form of prosthetic you would like or is more suitable for your requirements and this can be attached directly to the abutment, providing a comfortable and strong support for your crown or dentures, whichever you choose to have. Speak to us at Hertford Dental Care and find out more about dental implants Hertfordshire, whether they are the right treatment option for you and if so, how they can help you smile happily and confidently again very soon.