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Dental implantsYour teeth are strong but require daily maintenance if they are to last your lifetime. All too often daily maintenance is neglected resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. Of course teeth are also lost through accidents, which are unfortunately a hazard of modern life. Your teeth are designed primarily to chew your food so that your stomach is able to digest it. Your teeth, therefore, are an aid to maintaining your bodily health. The secondary purpose of your teeth is to allow you to express certain emotions. Smiling and laughing when you are happy or snarling when you are angry. Losing a front tooth can not only be debilitating from the point of view of inhibiting your ability to eat properly but also emotionally, causing you embarrassment when you smile. For decades dentures and bridges were the only available solution until the 1950s when the modern process of conducting dental implants Hertfordshire was discovered. For centuries attempts had been made to replace lost teeth using wood, bone and shells. The oldest recorded one goes back over one thousand three hundred and fifty years. Achieving a stable functioning alternative to our natural teeth has been the main stumbling block, but now that process has been developed. We can now restore your mouth and your teeth to perform their functions as naturally as if you had your original teeth.

Dental science together with technological genius

Placing dental implants Hertfordshire is much more than drilling a hole in your jawbone and screwing in a prosthetic tooth. The progress made over the decades in implantology has been amazing and the procedure has advanced to a stage where accuracy of the placement has reduced recovery time and infection risk has been reduced dramatically. Your health is our primary focus, so avoiding infection and achieving the desired results go hand in hand. The latest tools allow us to use computer-aided equipment and software to ensure that we place your titanium root in exactly the right place. The sterile protocol that we employ is very strict, we use sterile drapes and both our dentist and assistant wear sterile hats, gloves and gowns. You will also have a sterile hairnet placed over your hair and you will wear a sterile gown and we will use sterile skin wipes. Every precaution is taken to ensure that any chance of infection is avoided during your dental implants Hertfordshire procedure.

We are part of your team

Before the procedure we will outline exactly what the process entails before, during and afterwards and we encourage you to ask all the questions that you want, this knowledge will help you to be more relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. We are all part of your team, which means that you also have a part to play. Once the procedure has been completed and you have your new implant it is paramount that you follow our instructions on proper dental care. Your first task will be to use the antibacterial mouth rinse that we will give you for one week afterwards, as directed. This will aid the healing process and remove any residual sutures.

Your smile restored

After a few weeks all swelling and tenderness will have subsided and eventually you will have a new tooth or teeth that will be undetectable from your natural teeth due to our dental colouring and shaping techniques. You will be able to smile confidently in the knowledge that your missing tooth has been restored.