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Dental implantsOver the past decades dental science and technology have been working hard to bring you treatments that will help preserve your teeth, and where necessary, replace teeth with better more practical alternatives. People lose teeth in any number of ways, tooth decay or accidents are but a few examples and depending on the number of teeth affected the treatment has usually been a bridge or dentures. At Hertford Dental Care our principal dentists are the Doctors Black who are a dedicated husband and wife team. Their expertise, qualifications and equipment allows us to provide dental implants Hertfordshire here at our own surgery.

Getting to know our patients

The practice has been operating for more than seven decades and is well established in the local community. Our team goes out of their way to get to know our visitors and sees them as acquaintances rather than patients. From our friendly welcome to our calming and relaxing surgery layout, we want you to feel comfortable and stress free and able to discuss any concerns you may have with us.

All in one place

Having a good understanding of our patients allows us to be quite candid with you when discussing your dental problems. As an example if we find that you have less than fresh smelling breath, it could be a delicate topic to discuss. We find however that because we have taken the time to get to know you we can highlight the reasons and the solutions to this problem. If you are told that you should have an implant, it is less stressful to know that your own dentist is able to perform the procedure and that you don’t have to go somewhere else. The fact that you don’t have to trust your treatment to a complete stranger and that everything will be done in surroundings you are familiar with will be a huge comfort to you.

Implants, what’s the procedure?

It is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of your health and to establish any medication that you may be on or have been on in the past, so a comprehensive questionnaire needs to be completed. X-rays are routinely taken and in some cases a 3D scan may be required. We need to ascertain the density and health of your gums and jawbone to decide on the suitability of this treatment for you. We will discuss all the treatment alternatives that are available for your condition, giving you enough knowledge and help to make an informed decision. Once you have decided on dental implants Hertfordshire we create a treatment plan especially for you. Your next appointment will be for the procedure and after ensuring that all sterile procedures are in place we will make an incision in your gum. A hole for the titanium post will be drilled into your jawbone and the post will be screwed into place. This normally needs to heal before an abutment will be attached to the titanium post and then lastly the crown or artificial tooth will be secured onto the abutment. A single implant can support up to four crowns in a row. For a full new set of teeth four strategically placed dental implants Hertfordshire will be sufficient.

Aftercare and maintenance

We will advise you to rinse your mouth for about a week afterwards with an antibacterial solution. Two weeks is usually the time frame before the next appointment when we will need to check that you are healing properly and to remove any remaining sutures. After that you may start to gently brush your teeth with a soft brush and gradually move on to brushing and flossing as with normal teeth.