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Yes, life can be more enjoyable again when you do not have to be worried about your dentures slipping or falling out of place when you eat, laugh or talk. Even if you’re missing a single tooth in a visible place, you may find that your self-esteem keeps you from expressing yourself as you would like.

We don’t think this is acceptable at all. Your smile should be an expression of who you are and your opportunity to share joy with your loved ones, friends and even acquaintances. If you feel like your smile does not represent your true self and are self conscious about your missing teeth or slipping dentures, then dental implants Hertfordshire will certainly be a life changer for you.

We use dental implants Hertfordshire for many different patients. Patients can be adults of any age, or limitations extend more to the overall health condition of our patients more so than how old they are. You however must be an adult, ensuring that your jaw bone has finished growing before we would consider this treatment as an option.

It is important that all of our patients understand the risk factors that could be unique to their personal situation. Firstly, because a minor surgical procedure is required, there is a risk here, however small. We need to ensure that your body is capable of healing from this to limit your discomfort and to reduce the possibility of infection.

Therefore, people who have gum disease, are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment, who have diabetes or other such conditions may need to have them controlled or the treatments finished before we can move on with restoring your smile.

Also, for those people in particular who have worn dentures for a long time and find that they no longer fit as they used to, a scan of your jaw will tell us the extent of the jaw bone degradation.

When wearing dentures, your jaw bone is no longer stimulated as it once was with natural teeth and their roots, so the bone no longer replenishes as it once did. This means that over time, the bone recedes. If this has occurred for too long, you will find that your bone will not be strong enough to support the implant.

Not to worry however! We only need to investigate to see whether you would be suitable for a bone graft, which places either human, animal or synthetic bone tissue in its place where we will, once this has healed, insert the titanium rod which then over time fuses with bone to create a durable and long lasting bond.

As you can see, there are so many different ways that we can enable our patients to restore their smile back to full functionality again with the use of dental implants Hertfordshire. A single tooth can easily be replaced, as can several missing teeth all the way up to denture stabilisation and ‘same day teeth’, a procedure that we offer that, as its name suggests, offers a complete new smile all in a single day’s work.