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Dental implantsHave you lost a reason to smile – with missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or the inability to eat what you want to be able to eat? A strong set of teeth is something that most of us take for granted until they are lost and unfortunately, a fully functional smile is difficult to regain once the health of our smile begins to deteriorate.

Thankfully, dental implants Hertfordshire are a serious option that can meet the vast needs of many different patients, all of whom have different conditions, different expectations and different underlying health problems. This treatment is a reliable option for most, making it the first choice of dentists who are looking to provide their patients with long-term, durable solutions to their missing teeth and oral health concerns.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy, fully functional smile, regardless of age or health. Although not everyone is suitable for dental implants Hertfordshire, if you are of general good health and wellbeing, then it is likely that you will be viable for this treatment option.

For both young and old alike, dental implants Hertfordshire can transform your oral health and bring about more confidence in your smile, your ability to eat and speak with ease, and yourself in general.

How is this so?

Missing teeth can be devastating. There are many factors which are subtle that can contribute to the degradation of a person’s wellbeing after they have lost their teeth, such as the researched links between mental health and missing teeth, or diminished nutrition and the impact on the body.

By replacing these teeth using the more permanent and preferred method of most dentists, then the replacement occurs within the jawbone, allowing the body to register more fully the replacement of the teeth in question.

When we use dentures or bridges, we are attaching the crown to the gum somehow and this superficial replacement does not allow the jawbone to be completely stimulated as it naturally is with your original teeth.

This means that the bone slowly begins to degrade over time, weakening the stability of your surrounding teeth and causing further complications and prematurely ageing you, as your face shrinks in over time, among other issues.

You may already be experiencing this condition, known as jawbone recession, when your dentures begin to slip and slide around in your mouth and not stay in place like they once did.

We can use a procedure, denture stabilisation, to hold your dentures in place should this be a reality for you. By using the implant technique four times in your top and bottom arches, we can ensure that your teeth aren’t going anywhere until you’re ready to clip them out.

As a result, you can enjoy foods you once thought you may never do again and laugh with the confidence that no embarrassing situation will happen.

With no upper age limit to this procedure or many of the others that use this technique, what do you have to lose by getting in touch and enquiring about how this treatment can improve the way you smile?