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Dental implantsNobody wants to lose teeth either in the front or at the back of their mouths; however, the reality is that it can happen as a result of an accident or tooth decay. Dental implants Hertfordshire is a solution that has been influenced by nature. Nature always provides the best solutions to the problems of humans, and here, it has happened again.

Dental maintenance

Your teeth are invaluable to your body’s survival. Your teeth allow you to chew your food and thereby aid your digestive system. Your teeth allow you to smile, grimace and snarl to express your emotions. You must establish a proper daily dental maintenance routine so that you maintain your teeth in optimum condition.

We at Hertford Dental Care provide dental education to help you create a proper, effective oral maintenance routine for your whole family. Poor dental maintenance can make you someone to avoid because of bad breath, or you could lose your teeth through decay because of irregular brushing and flossing. The result of poor dental maintenance can also be poor digestion because you cannot chew properly. Poor self-esteem and embarrassment can occur because your breath smells. Dental maintenance is so simple; all you have to do is brush your teeth properly twice a day and visit your dentist twice a year.

Replacing teeth for centuries

Ways to replace teeth have been the pursuit of man for centuries, and some very crude methods have been employed. We are fortunate that over the more recent past, dentures and bridges have been the treatment of choice for lost teeth. Many people have benefitted from these appliances, allowing them to be able to chew or smile confidently.

Striving for a stable alternative

Dental science has been searching for a more stable alternative than dentures and bridges that works more like nature intended. Dental implants Hertfordshire provide the most natural alternative to lost teeth. Now you can benefit from a tooth replacement that is stable and does not need to be removed for cleaning. Dental implants Hertfordshire work in the same way as your natural teeth by being embedded into your jaw with an artificial root.

Continuous development

The condition of your jawbone determines your suitability for this revolutionary type of dental treatment. Ongoing development and new technology are continually creating new ways to grow bone so that more and more patients can benefit from dental implants.

Suitable treatment

Where dental implants are suitable, we can replace one tooth or four in a row using a single implant. Where full sets of teeth require replacing, we can do this on just four implants. The technology that allows us to match the shape and colour of your new tooth to your natural teeth has also developed to bring about matches that are indiscernible.

Post-treatment maintenance

For the first few days, you should not use toothpaste or any form of mouthwash other than salt water to rinse your mouth. Once the implantation site has fully healed, you can return to your dental hygiene routines.