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Dental implantsOver the seventy years that this dental practice has been serving the community of Hertford we have seen many patients lose teeth for one reason or another. An accident can leave you with a dislodged tooth or maybe even a few teeth, and tooth decay can also cause you to lose teeth. The latest dental advances now provide us with the knowledge and expertise to provide a stable and durable replacement.

Maintaining a properly executed regime is your responsibility

Dental education has improved over the decades and patients are now more aware of the need to maintain their teeth. We regard ourselves as a member of your team, working towards making your ability to chew your food and smile last for your lifetime. We are here to help and guide you as well as provide the dental services necessary. Once you have lost your primary teeth, there is only one more set that you will get. As part of your team we are here to work for you and with you to keep your mouth healthy.

Losing teeth can happen

If you are unfortunate enough to lose a tooth through decay or an accident there are a number of alternatives that we can use to rectify the problem. Bridges and dentures are available and also a stable and durable alternative that mimics your natural teeth. Dental implants Hertfordshire have been developing over seven decades. Dental implants Hertfordshire are now considered the primary treatment to replace tooth loss.

Safe and long-lasting replacement

For years the dental scientists have been perfecting the implantology procedure. Reducing discomfort, improving the efficiency and perfecting the end result, have all been major motivating factors to create a credible and durable prosthetic tooth. Using the latest hardware and software dental implants Hertfordshire are able to achieve these goals and more. Using algorithms, computer-aided software can place the titanium post, which acts as a root, in precisely the correct place. We also adhere to very strict sterile protocols, from the drapes in our treatment room to the clothing and equipment worn by us and you during treatment. This reduces the possibility of infection, increases the recovery time and produces a stable and durable artificial root. The techniques employed now allow us to create a crown which is coloured and shaped so well that it is undetectable from your natural teeth.

A practical and cosmetic solution all in one, we can restore your ability to chew properly and the ability to smile broadly and confidently.

Still improving

Dental science does not stand still and as new discoveries emerge we attend seminars and training in how to use these to provide you with the best treatments available. We can replace one tooth or up to four teeth in a row utilising one dental implant. We can replace all the teeth in your mouth using just four dental implants. Mini or midi implants can be performed with little or no drilling, stitches or waiting for healing. As improvements continue to be made we will continue to provide you with the service you expect from us.