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Dental implantsThere are many different factors that can result in tooth loss and unfortunately, sometimes this is an inevitable part of old age. The main cause of tooth loss is poor oral hygiene and the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth which results in many different dental issues. If left untreated these can cause cavities, tooth decay and eventually lead to the loss of the tooth. Smoking and other lifestyle choices can have a detrimental effect on your oral health and result in losing your teeth. Unavoidable situations such as accidents or trauma to the mouth can also result in tooth loss and finally avoiding the dentist is another major cause.

Do not avoid the dentist – we are here to help

If you have a dentist phobia then rest assured that you are not alone. Here at Hertford Dental Care we are aware that there may be many reasons for which you do not like to visit your dentist. However, if you have experienced tooth loss and you have not been to your dentist for a while then do not let this affect your teeth any further. Your comfort and dental well-being are our priority and we are here to make you feel at ease so any treatments will be carried out under anaesthetic to avoid unnecessary discomfort where possible. Book an appointment with us and find out more about the different treatments and procedures that are available to help restore or replace your missing teeth. If you have been in an emergency then contact us immediately and we will do our best to help retain your natural tooth and if this is not possible then we will discuss the many different options which are available for you due to advances in Dental Technology. Do not suffer in silence, the treatment of tooth loss has become more convenient, comfortable and accessible for all so speak to us at Hertford dental care and find out more today.

Dental implants Hertfordshire

If you have experienced tooth loss then find out about dental implants in Hertfordshire here at Hertford Dental Care. This has become a widespread treatment method for tooth loss and the success of dental implants has made it a popular choice of tooth replacement therapy amongst dentists and patients alike. There are many different advantages of dental implants Hertfordshire and the sooner that you are able to speak to your dentist and book an appointment the more beneficial it will be for you and the less detrimental effect it will be able to have on your surrounding dentition. Speaking to your dentist as soon as possible means that the process can begin immediately, it can take a while for successful integration of the implant to take place and the sooner that this is done the earlier that you can regain full functioning of your mouth and smile happily and confidently again. Speak to us at Hertford dental care and find out more about how dental implants Hertfordshire work and how they can be the best treatment option for tooth loss for you.