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Dental implantsWhether you have a single missing tooth or are looking to replace your dentures with a more durable and resilient fixture, then trust us with our range of treatments that are designed to suit your individual and unique needs, so that you can come out feeling great with a fully functional smile once again.

When we lose one or some of our teeth, either through an injury or due to poor health, it can be a devastating affair. There are several compounding complications that you can subject yourself to if you do not see to restoring this tooth as quickly as possible.

In addition to this, some of the other treatment options that are available to use may not have the longevity that Hertfordshire dental implants can offer. Should you be unfortunate enough to need restorative treatments earlier in life, you may find that with some treatments, you need to replace them time and time again. The initial investment that is required for an implant procedure will pay for itself in a short time in these situations, not to mention the additional benefits that you can enjoy by using this more reliable method.

What are some of the additional benefits we speak of?

Using Hertfordshire dental implants ensures that your entire smile is as supported and healthy as it can be. By modelling the treatment on your natural tooth structure and effectively replacing the tooth root as well as the visible crown, you are supporting your jawbone, which can degrade over time when it isn’t stimulated as it should be.

Dentures and other tooth replacement systems that sit on the top of your gums and do not penetrate to your jawbone are unable to keep the bone active and produce cells like your natural teeth or Hertfordshire dental implants can. This treatment is the only tooth replacement system that can do this and therefore, makes it a wise choice for those people who are looking to enjoy many more years yet out of a fully functional smile.

How can we do this? How does the treatment work?

Firstly, we need to ensure that you are suitable for this treatment and with no upper age limit and restrictions surrounding general health being the main limitations, we find that many of our patients can enjoy this procedure.

We will determine how best to use the implant for your situation, whether we support a single tooth from it, several teeth or as one of four implants for a denture stabilisation treatment.

A minor surgical procedure is needed to insert the titanium metal rod that will serve as your new tooth root and this bonds with your jawbone over time, creating this strong and stable structure. There is about a 98% success rate for the treatment and aftercare is straightforward with our experienced professionals constantly on hand and monitoring your health to ensure that infection is avoided.

A fully functional smile is imperative to a good wellbeing and we are eager to provide this to all of our patients.