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Dental implantsWhile the preferred option is for patients to look after their natural teeth in order to keep their use for life, sometimes they are lost due to decay, disease, or an accident concerning the face. When natural adult teeth are lost, it is of supreme importance that patients opt to replace them at their earliest convenience.

It may not be immediately apparent to patients that there is a great risk to their dental and overall wellbeing if missing teeth are not replaced with a suitable dental restoration method. The first concern most patients will identify is the loss of dental aesthetics resulting in an awkward smile, and while this is a topmost concern, particularly for mental health, it is not the only problem patients will face.

Gaps left unfilled in the dental arch can cause issues with nutritional deficiencies and health issues with teeth, gums and jawbone. Dental implants Hertfordshire are designed to address all these problems and minimise the chances of them occurring.

As a modern dental practice, we at Hertford Dental Care, look to progressive dental techniques to restore the health and function of our patients’ mouths. An example of this approach to dental care is the availability of quality dental implants Hertfordshire.

For patients wondering why should they choose dental implants Hertfordshire, we thought to point out a few very good reasons why they should.

Excellent reasons to opt for dental implants      

Dental implants are the one dental restoration solution that can restore a patient’s smile like no other. In addition to its unrivalled aesthetic quality, there are the pro-dental health benefits that are hugely significant.

The first sought-after benefit tooth replacement implants offer is the outstanding support they provide during masticatory function. Because implants are solidly anchored to the jawbone, there is very little chance of them popping out of the mouth during eating. This anchoring of the implant to the jawbone allows for a sturdier and stronger dental solution.

Tooth replacement implants work well to preserve dental integrity. With the vacant gaps in the dental arch filled in, the chances of neighbouring teeth moving out of their positions become minimised. When this unfortunate occurrence happens, patients are usually faced with orthodontic issues to address. Implants, therefore, help avoid the cost of unnecessary dental treatments.

Another important health benefit offered by tooth implants is the support to preserving jawbone health. One of the concerning problems with the loss of adult teeth is the absence of tooth roots. In order for the jawbone to maintain its density, the jawbone requires the presence of tooth roots to provide necessary stimulation.

When this stimulation is lost, the process of the jawbone reabsorbing begins. By choosing an implant as the dental restoration of choice, patients are ensuring that this stimulation is replaced by the metal root that is secured into the jawbone. The metal screw is the part of the dental implant that acts as a substitute for a tooth root in its behaviour.

As popular as dental implants are to replace missing teeth, not all patients qualify for this treatment option. To find out if you meet all qualifying criteria for tooth replacement implants, contact us for a professional consultation with our highly-experienced implant dentist.