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Dental implantsThe problem with omitting to replace missing teeth is that patients will find that not having the support of a full dental arch will slowly erode their quality of life. We depend on teeth to perform a myriad of roles in various areas of life; eating, speaking, face structure, and smiling are some of these. When teeth are missing, each of these areas can be negatively impacted.

Dental prosthetics like dental implants Hertfordshire work wonderfully well for our patients as reliable substitutes to turn around challenges created by missing teeth.

The reason why dental implants Hertfordshire are regarded as front runners for missing teeth replacement solutions lies in the multiple advantages these dental prostheses offer our patients.

At Hertford Dental Care, our patients receive quality dental implants Hertfordshire that help to restore oral health and function.

Tooth implants are not available to every patient who would like them, as our implant dentists need to ensure that certain criteria are met before approving such a treatment plan. We take a look at some of the considerations that patients need to be aware of.

Tooth implant dynamics to consider

Any dental device a patient chooses comes at a cost, which is why patients will want a long-term solution. Tooth implants enjoy a high favourability factor as a relatively long-term solution provided that they are well maintained. Here’s what to know to support that investment.

Patient suitability. Patients who do not meet all the criteria for tooth implants will not be able to achieve the outcomes they want. For the implant procedure to be successful, patients will need good oral health. This means no underlying conditions that threaten gum health and jawbone quality needs to be assured as well. If there are any issues with either the gums or jawbone, these will need to be rectified first by us.

Patients who smoke may be asked to give up the habit, as smoking adversely impacts gum health. Patients who have existing medical conditions such as diabetes will need their blood sugar levels well under control.

Treatment plan duration. Receiving tooth implants is a process. First, there is the consultation that will assess patient suitability (X-rays may be needed). If there are no oral health issues to delay matters, the implantation appointment can be fixed. Once implantation of the abutment is carried out, there is a healing period of about six weeks (this will depend on the individual patient) before the dental crown can be installed.

Neglecting oral hygiene is not an option. Patients must understand the critical importance of looking after their dental hygiene needs if they want to enjoy their tooth implants for the long haul.

At Hertford Dental Care we have an in-house implant dentist to provide patients with a professional in-depth consultation. As a patient-centred practice, we place the patient at the heart of all decision making. We provide patients with all the relevant information necessary that will help them make the best decision towards their oral health and dental goals. To set up a consultation with our dental practitioner, simply give our friendly front desk team a call.