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The loss of your natural teeth can have serious implications for your health – dental, physical and mental. A single tooth lost because of an accident or even due to decay may result in eating and speaking challenges, not to mention the adverse effect on your ability to smile confidently.

When it comes to artificial tooth replacement devices, many patients worry most about how natural these look when worn. With dental implants Hertfordshire, this concern becomes null and void, as this missing teeth replacement solution is designed so as to perfectly resemble natural human teeth.

It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between dental implants Hertfordshire and natural teeth – a plus point that has promoted this alternative solution to replace lost teeth as a viable treatment plan for those who meet the criteria.

In addition to the sought after aesthetic value of natural-looking artificial teeth, there are plenty of other desirable benefits to opting for dental implants Hertfordshire to replace teeth that are missing. We take a look at some of the more significant advantages on offer.

Advantages of choosing dental implants

Clinically proven missing teeth replacement option

Artificial tooth implants are clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment. Our implant dentists are required to make sure that a patient meets all the basic requirements to receive implants. This step is absolutely critical for the treatment to be a success and produce desired outcomes.

Contributes to greater jawbone health and structure

The loss of natural teeth can lead to the loss of jawbone density. As the jawbone is living tissue, it needs to be constantly stimulated to remain strong and healthy. This stimulation comes from the tooth roots that are embedded in the jawbone and when teeth and accompanying roots are lost, the jawbone loses its source of stimulation. The metal roots of artificial implants work to preserve the integrity of jawbone quality.

Protects surrounding teeth

Dental practitioners favour implant dentistry, because this treatment is kinder to neighbouring natural teeth compared to conventional treatments used to replace missing teeth. When teeth fall out and the gaps are not filled in with an appropriate tooth replacement solution, this can cause teeth on either side of the gap to move out of position. When this happens, a patient may find that they need orthodontic treatment to correct this.

Stable and secure

Artificial teeth implants are by far the most stable and secure of all missing teeth replacement treatment options. Seeing that the implants are set into the jawbone, there is very little risk of the implants moving about, which means patients can eat what they like without fearing their restorative device will fall out.

Stress-free oral hygiene maintenance

Dental implants are cleaned in the exact same way natural teeth are cleaned: brushing with a toothbrush at least twice a day in addition to flossing.

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