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Dental implantsModelling natural teeth, quality dental implants Hertfordshire available at Hertford Dental Care address many of the drawbacks of traditional missing teeth replacement appliances that frustrate patients. Despite filling the gap of lost teeth, traditional options still pose challenges that affect a patient’s ability to bite, chew and speak properly. This is in addition to the awkwardness of engaging with others (professionally and socially) due to the embarrassment of wearing distinguishable artificial teeth devices.

This is not the case with dental implants Hertfordshire as tooth implants are not only an exact replica of natural teeth in terms of looks, they work in the same way to restore tooth function and protect oral health. With dental implants Hertfordshire, patients will find that they’re able to eat, speak and smile with greater confidence. They will be able to observe their oral hygiene responsibilities quickly and more effectively and enjoy improved dental, physical and mental health.

This also means that they are more likely to pursue rewarding opportunities, both professional and social, that allow them to live a more fulfilled life.

As can be seen above, there are a myriad of ways to benefit from tooth implants but there are still a few important factors a patient needs to consider before a treatment plan can be put in place.

Critical points of tooth replacement implants

Professional consultation

It is extremely unethical and risky for any dental practitioner to go ahead with tooth implant procedures without first carrying out a full oral health assessment. At our dental practice, a professional consultation is the first step in providing dental care. An appropriate level of dental health is necessary for tooth implants to be efficacious and a comprehensive oral examination is the most reliable way to determine this.

Secondly, a professional consultation is an opportune time to educate a patient about the details of the treatment plan; what is involved, benefits, costs and aftercare maintenance. This knowledge is crucial if a patient is to make an informed decision on the best way to restore their dental health.

Invasive procedure

There is no escaping the invasive surgical procedure that lays the foundations of successful implantation. This surgical intervention is key to ensuring the tooth implant is held securely and becomes a natural part of the jawbone to offer all the desirable benefits that come with it. Our dental practitioner is well aware that patients have many questions regarding this part of the treatment and is happy to address any concerns.


Another factor that may weigh heavily on patients is the cost of tooth implant treatment. Depending on their particular dental condition and goals, a patient may find that the price tag of tooth implants may be higher than a traditional teeth replacement device, but in matters such as this, cost should be weighed along with value. Tooth implants offer a relatively longer shelf life, look less artificial and work to a greater degree in securing eating capabilities.

Full details of how tooth implants work, and why they are the best choice for patients with teeth missing, can be had in a consultation appointment with one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable dental practitioners at Hertford Dental Care.