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Dental implantsDental implants Hertfordshire are considered the go-to solution to replace missing teeth lost to decay or facial trauma. Many of our patients look to dental implants Hertfordshire as a suitable alternative, due to the numerous favourable factors that this treatment plan affords.

The design of tooth replacement implants makes them the obvious choice as the next best thing to real adult teeth. With tooth replacement implants our patients need not worry about the look of their smile or avoid eating out in public from fear of a dental device slipping out of place. At Hertford Dental Care, we offer quality dental implants Hertfordshire provided by our well-experienced implant dentist. We take a closer look at some of the plus points of dental implants that argue in favour of this treatment plan of note.

Six reasons to consider implant dentistry

Tooth implants mirror the look of natural teeth

Implants mimic the look of natural teeth, which makes them incredibly difficult to tell apart from surrounding original teeth. This is a highly desirable advantage for those who want their confidence back in order to smile without any inhibitions.

Tooth implants are simple to care for

It must be stated that while maintenance for implants is simple, there has to be strict adherence to all maintenance guidelines. Patients take care of their implants in the exact same way they would natural teeth, twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, and scheduled professional dental check-ups. It is imperative that oral hygiene is maintained to ensure the longevity of the implant.

Tooth implants remove eating difficulties

Implants are secured in the jawbone which means they are immovable. This feature works to the benefit of masticatory (biting and chewing) function and eating for the patient is once again enjoyable and discomfort-free.

Tooth implants protect oral structures

A common complaint of our patients who have lost numerous adult teeth is deterioration in bone density. The jawbone loses its stimulus for growth when tooth roots are lost. Over time, the absence of this stimulus causes the bone to be reabsorbed and facial structure suffers – the face takes on a shrunken appearance. The metal abutment acts as a substitute tooth root and ably fulfills the stimulus role.

Tooth implants clear speech impediments

Missing teeth can make enunciating certain sounds a challenge. Having tooth implants inserted makes normal speech possible again.

Tooth implants offer a relatively long-term service life

When patients invest in dental prostheses, they want to know that they will have use of a prosthesis for the long-term. Dental implants, as long as they are cared for properly, offer a comparatively long-term solution. They do not need replacing after a time or become ill-fitting.

To qualify for dental implants patients will need to pass a set of criteria. Generally, patients interested in this treatment plan will need to be in good dental health, have adequate jawbone quality and have any chronic medical condition like diabetes under control. Want to know more? Call our front desk team to arrange a free consultation. Hertford Dental Care has interest-free finance facilities available.