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Dental implantsIn our many years of practising dental care here at Hertford Dental Care, we have come to be associated with a uniquely exceptional service that has seen us retain the favour of our patients. We believe that it is our consistent efforts at placing our patients at the heart of dental care together with an all-inclusive service menu that can be tailored to meet individual patient needs that has contributed to our high success rate. Our Hertfordshire dental implants continue to be star performers in our range of effective dental treatments and procedures.

Missing teeth can pose a huge disruption to the daily life of a patient, creating a number of difficulties to a patient’s dental health and physical and mental well-being. It is in the wonderfully efficacious way that they address these challenges that has led to the boom of interest in Hertfordshire dental implants. While the dental restorative market has made available to patients with missing teeth various artificial teeth devices, none have been able to achieve the same level of aesthetics and function quite like Hertfordshire dental implants.

Tooth implants play to many strengths that allow patients to enjoy a higher quality of life than they may have when they lose teeth to decay or facial trauma that are not replaced. Here’s a look at some of the more prominent plus points of teeth replacement implants.

Talking points of tooth implants that promote better life quality

Tooth implants look real

They may be artificial in nature but tooth replacement implants mirror the appearance of natural teeth. This cosmetic concern has weighty implications for a patient’s professional life and personal and social well-being. A wide, winning smile plays a significantly influential role in boosting self-confidence which allows one to make a positive impression and take advantage of opportunities.

Tooth implants offer a higher level of secure eating and speaking

Imagine the relief of not having to worry about an artificial tooth replacement appliance shifting out of position when trying to eat or speak in front of others. Tooth implants are embedded into the jawline to offer more secure and confident eating and speaking capabilities.

Tooth implants are purposefully designed to protect dental health

Unlike more traditional missing teeth replacement appliances that do not deliver enough protective benefits to oral health, tooth replacement implants achieve these goals quite effectively. It is the forward-thinking design of dental implants that produces this protective feature. The dental crown is looked after and cleaned in the same way as that of natural teeth and the surgically implanted metal root provides the essential stimulus needed to preserve a healthy jawbone in the same way as natural teeth roots do.

Do you need the professional advice of an experienced dental practitioner to help you decide whether dental implants are the right course of action? Arrange a consultation with our well-qualified friendly dental practitioner at Hertford Dental Care who will carry out a full oral assessment to determine candidate suitability and talk you through how implant dentistry works and what to expect.