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Dental implantsNot all oral implanting systems are equal. Our dental implants Hertfordshire are based around the Ankylos system, giving flexibility to the treatment and new options for our patients. Let’s find out more.

Standard treatment procedures

The typical treatment procedure with dental implants Hertfordshire is a two-part process. The first involves the installation of the titanium subsection, which acts as an artificial root, anchoring the oral prosthetic to the jawbone. This is established during the first stage and must be given an extended period of time to become fully integrated into the jawbone, with new bone tissue developing around it. In the second stage, the oral prosthetic can be placed on top.

These 2 sections of an implant are held together by a semi-permanent locking mechanism. The connector is very useful in allowing implant fittings to take place in two sessions rather than having to put up with the inconvenience of an unstable tooth in your mouth, which if placed under too much load or stress, could twist or detach from the jawbone. With a connector, it can quietly integrate itself while shielded in the gum. The Ankylos system significantly improves the utility of the connector.

The Ankylos concept

Traditional dental implants Hertfordshire had a significant and persistent drawback; that they were exclusively straight and in real life, healthy natural tooth roots are not. There is an enhanced need for implants to be placed in areas of high bone density and at an angle, as this makes integration more likely to be successful. Bone growth can be vigorous; this is significantly easier when implants are being used to immobilise a whole set of dentures, as there are many viable locations along both of the jaws to choose from. When implanting a single tooth, its location is heavily dependent on where you want the final tooth to be. Hence why so many of the older implants were placed at straighter angles, as jawbone density was limited in some cases with single implants.

The Ankylos system gets round this problem by having connectors that are joined at both ends, giving the flexibility for an oral implant to be fitted at a different angle. Between these two joints on either side of the traditional connector, there is a significantly greater range of motion. When it is paired with technologies like cone-beam CT imaging, a three-dimensional image of the patient’s jaw can be created and the implants can be digitally placed in the areas with the highest bone density. This can then be implemented in real-life, maximising the chances of successful implantation, even with tricky cases and partial bone loss of the jaw.

Our implementation

We have had so much success with this system that it has become a mainstay of our surgery. If you are curious as to how we could help you, or if you’ve been rejected from other clinics as inappropriate for treatment please get in contact with us.

Financing options

Dental procedures can cause considerable short-term stress to your personal finances. By providing a range of 0% interest monthly payment options, you can spread out one-time bills to manageable monthly payments significantly increasing the range of treatments you can get access to. This allows you to put your health before financial limitations. Talk to our team for more information about financing your oral implants.