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Mini Implants

The placement procedure for mini implants is less invasive compared to traditional implants. They are usually placed using a minimally invasive technique that requires less healing time.

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What are Mini Implants

Mini implants Hertfordshire

If you’re unable to undergo dental surgery and are looking for a minimally invasive alternative to traditional implants, or have been told you don’t have enough jaw bone to support conventional implant placement, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Many patients have opted for mini implants in Hertfordshire, and they may be the best option to replace broken or missing teeth.

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Mini dental implants at Hertford Dental Care

Mini dental implants are pretty much the same as regular implants, the only difference being that they’re smaller.

Unlike other types of implants – that consist of a separate implant body and abutment and are surgically inserted into the jawbone – mini dental implants are made up of a singular, toothpick-sized one-piece screw, with a ball-shaped end that pokes out through the jawbone to provide a secure attachment for crowns or dentures.

They’re ideal for those who:

  • Can’t undergo invasive surgery
  • Don’t have the time to attend regular follow-ups with their dentist
  • Don’t have enough bone underneath the jaw to support full-sized dental implants.

Mini implants are just as effective as conventional dental implant options and achieve the exact same result, but there aren’t as many steps involved in the procedure.


Mini dental implants: Procedure and recovery

After an initial consultation with your dentists to see if mini implants are suitable for you, you could be walking away with a brand-new smile in just one dental visit.

Completed under local anaesthetic or light sedation, an implant dentist will gently screw four implants into the front of your lower jawbone, ready for your replacement teeth to be secured in place.

With no surgery of the gum, drilling of the bone or stitches required, the recovery time is much shorter for mini implants.

You may experience some swelling, but this is totally normal and should subside within 48 hours. Your gums should heal within a week, after which point you’ll be able to eat, speak and smile as normal and with confidence!


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