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Root Canal Hertfordshire

Experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity? Got a chipped tooth, or swollen gums?

You might need a root canal.

Root canal treatment is nothing to worry about, and here at Hertford Dental Care, our expert endodontists will help treat the problem and prevent more serious (and costly) dental complications further down the line.

To find out more about the root canal procedure, or to book an appointment with an expert endodontist in Hertfordshire, talk to the team today!

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Root canal procedure

We understand that root canal treatments can sound daunting, but we can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about.

The procedure aims to eliminate infection at the centre of the affected tooth – without the need for an extraction.

Thanks to the local anaesthetic we use, the procedure shouldn’t be painful – but you may experience some discomfort and feel slight pressure, but this is totally normal.

Once we’ve removed all the bacteria, the root canal is sealed with a filling or crown and the inflamed tissue near the tooth will, in most cases, heal by itself.

Patient focussed treatment at Hertford Dental Care


If you’re nervous about coming in for a root canal, you’re not alone.

Over 50% of adults in the UK suffer from dental anxiety – which often stops them from seeking the treatment they need.

At Hertford Dental Care, we’ve worked with many patients who are afraid of sitting in the treatment chair, and have many tried and tested anxiety relief methods to help.

If you’re worried about coming in for root canal treatment, be sure to let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Whether this means booking a longer appointment so that we can take our time explaining the procedure to you beforehand, or dental sedation – we’re always more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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