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Dental implantsHave you recently had oral implants fitted and now have concerns about an unusual swelling?

At Hertford Dental Care, we have fitted hundreds of dental implants Hertfordshire and know the most common problems that can occur with these restoratives.

Below, we highlight issues that can occur after having dental implants Hertfordshire fitted, so you will know what to look out for.


You may be puzzled how to spot problematic swelling after you have had dental implants Hertfordshire fitted; after all, it will be post-surgery and some swelling is common, isn’t it?

In a word, yes, but when the swelling seems to be growing in size and causing discomfort, this can point to an issue with the implant. In most cases, it is an infection within the surrounding gum line that we can treat with antibiotics.


It can be challenging to spot what is and what isn’t a normal level of discomfort after having surgery. Once the implants have been fitted and your gums have been sewn up, it is likely that the entire area is going to be sore for a while. Indeed, many patients compare the sensation of having implants fitted with having a dental extraction.

But, if the discomfort is becoming harder to mitigate with pain relief, is spreading and  accompanied by feeling hot and cold with flu-like symptoms, or making you feel you want to be sick, then you need to see our team pronto!


You know better than anyone what the natural colour of your gums is. And if after having oral implants fitted you spot that the gum around the implant site looks redder than usual, you may have concerns about an infection.

Some redness is common on the gums after an implant has been fitted but, if the red areas seem to be spreading, or the gum appears purple, blue or yellow in colour, then you need to call our team for an emergency appointment, as you may have an infection.


Pus after surgery of any kind is not a good sign and, if you spot the foul-tasting and foul-smelling substance in your mouth after you have had oral implants fitted, you need to see our team quickly!

In most cases, pus around the site of an oral implant is related to an infection that has occurred in the gum but, in rare cases, the pus may be appearing around the implant. This can mean that the infection has started underneath the implant. In this instance, we will need to remove the implant to treat the infection and may then attempt to refit the implant at a later date.


If your oral implants are moving, this is a sign that there is an issue.

Even if they have just been fitted, our team should have secured them enough to the jaw to prevent movement as, understandably, movement can impact successful fusing to the bone. However, movement can be encouraged by eating hard foods and using the exposed part of the implant as a tooth. This is why our team will ask you to eat softer foods for the first few weeks after having your implants fitted.

If you feel that one of your implants is moving, or you can see it moving in a mirror, then please call our team.