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Tooth restoration- the role of mini-implants

The full dental implants Hertfordshire give an opportunity to completely replace teeth but the mini-implant can take a very damaged tooth to add a crown-like practical implant. Let’s try to see how they can help. Standard implants The standard type of dental implants Hertfordshire that we use is an endosteal implant. This visually resembles a titanium screw and is […]

What are Ankylos dental implants?

Not all oral implanting systems are equal. Our dental implants Hertfordshire are based around the Ankylos system, giving flexibility to the treatment and new options for our patients. Let’s find out more. Standard treatment procedures The typical treatment procedure with dental implants Hertfordshire is a two-part process. The first involves the installation of the titanium subsection, which acts as […]

Dental implants; complications that can occur post-fitting

Have you recently had oral implants fitted and now have concerns about an unusual swelling? At Hertford Dental Care, we have fitted hundreds of dental implants Hertfordshire and know the most common problems that can occur with these restoratives. Below, we highlight issues that can occur after having dental implants Hertfordshire fitted, so you will know what to look out […]

A comprehensive guide to dental implants

Missing teeth can make approaching social situations difficult. People with missing teeth may not only be subjected to cosmetic implications but are also at a far greater risk of developing dental and general health problems.  People often take their teeth for granted and don’t necessarily appreciate the strength, support, and structure they provide until it […]

Why choose dental implants to replace missing teeth?

Dental implants Hertfordshire are considered the go-to solution to replace missing teeth lost to decay or facial trauma. Many of our patients look to dental implants Hertfordshire as a suitable alternative, due to the numerous favourable factors that this treatment plan affords. The design of tooth replacement implants makes them the obvious choice as the next best thing […]

What questions do patients ask most about dental implants?

At Hertford Dental Care, we are delighted to be a leading provider of exceptional quality dental care, including the widely popular Hertfordshire dental implants. We are not surprised at the interest we receive for Hertfordshire dental implants as this missing teeth replacement option has been found to be an excellent choice. Patients who qualify for Hertfordshire dental implants benefit from a […]

Commonly asked questions about Hertfordshire Dental Implants

Advancements in modern dental technologies and equipment have answered the call for natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing and durable Hertfordshire Dental Implants that offer a longer-lasting dental solution to replace missing teeth. Now available at Hertford Dental Care, Hertfordshire Dental Implants joins the impressive line-up of reliable treatments and procedures that promote the oral health and dental aesthetic goals of our patients. […]

What are some of the most common questions patients ask about Dental Implants Hertfordshire?

On the list of top dental enquiries, we receive at Hertford Dental Care, are about our services in Dental Implants Hertfordshire. We have found that once patients learn of the incredible benefits offered by Dental Implants Hertfordshire, it becomes their preferred method for replacing missing teeth. For patients who want to once again smile their best possible smile […]